Excavating                 Norvon currently has 2 excavators a 322 Cat and a 240 Cat, with a
                                        hydraulic hammer attachment.  The excavator can be used to provided
                                        various services such as:

                                                    Digging Basements
                                                    Water lines


  Trucking                   Norvon offers tandem dump truck or tractor truck with a dump trailer or a
                                        float.   Various services may be provide with these vehicles such as:

                                                    Hauling all dry bulk materials ( sand, gravel, asphault, rock etc.)
                                                    Tractor and dump trailers avaliable for carrying large loads.


Float Service             Any service provided with a float, we will move your equipment, pick up or
                                        deliver newly purchased equipment.

Oil Spill                   During the winter of 2000/2001 Norvon was able to clean up
       Clean Up            approximately twenty oil spill.  With such concerns for the environment
                                        it is extremely important to have situation like these handled by people who
                                        have had experience in the area.  The quicker the clean up crew is able to get
                                        on site the less damage there will be caused.  Oil can move through soil very
                                        quickly and depend on the type and formation of the soil, the oil can end up
                                        farther away than would be imagined.  Tips and suggestion on Oil Spill